We Give Back!
Pooch Perks is dedicated to helping abused and neglected dogs

The founder of Pooch Perks owns 6 dogs all of which were abused, abandoned, or neglected. We believe "rescue" is a breed and encourage people to rescue the hundreds of thousands of dogs that reside in shelters across the U.S

A portion of your monthly Pooch Perks dog subscription is donated to organizations around the country that rescue abused and neglected dogs. We donate to various organizations we love and based on requests received from vetted organizations that reach out to us directly.

The owner of Pooch Perks, founded Ralph's Place, a 501(c)3, in honor of her deceased Jack Russell Terrier.  Ralph was adopted from a shelter at the age of 2. It was apparent Ralph had been horribly abused by his previous owners. X-rays of his spine showed blunt force trauma, he had a cracked rib, he cowered near people and for the first week of his adoption he lived under a bed and refused to come out. After a long year of patience, care, and building of trust, Ralph developed into the sweetest, most playful, dog you could ever meet. In honor of him, Ralph’s Place was founded, with a vision to build a sanctuary to help the worst cases of dog abuse and neglect. We'd love your help!  To donate, please click the button below.