What to Look for in an Online Accessories and Treats Company for Dogs

Let's face it, your dog is special. So, when you are looking for toys, treats and accessories for your canine companion, consider buying a dog subscription box from an online company. Here's what to look for in an online firm.

Criteria to Consider

Dogs love variety. Therefore, look for an online pet-supply firm that offers themed boxes with something different every time a package arrives. When your dog wears out one type of toy, make sure you buy them a new type that they will love to explore.

Next, go with a firm that sells toys and accessories made in the USA. That way, you know that you're supporting local industries and not getting cheap imported stuff that will fall apart as soon as your dog gets ahold of it.

When it comes to treats, make sure that you are allowed to customize your dog subscription box. After all, you know better than anyone what your dog likes and doesn't like for a treat.

Also, remember to get some stuff for yourself that shows you're a proud fur-baby parent. Look for coffee mugs and other items with cute sayings on them that express your delight in your dachshund, greyhound or mixed breed.

Always look at customer reviews; the right company will be proud to show them off. To check out a company that allows you to create your own custom dog subscription box for your pampered pet, visit the Pooch Perks website at Your dog will thank you!