3 Great Gift Ideas for the Dog Owner and Animal Lover in Your Life

If you have a pet owner in your life, there are many occasions in which you will be looking for gifts for dog owners. While there are common items that make good gifts, such as leashes, food bowls, and other necessities, you might be looking for something a little more special. There are plenty of options available, and any of them will make great gifts.

Dog Treat Recipe Book

While you could buy a few bags of treats for your loved one's pets, a dog treat recipe book might be one of the more appreciated gifts for dog lovers. That's because a bag of treats will last a short time while dog treat recipes can be used over and over. Additionally, homemade treats will help the dog's owner eliminate ingredients that might cause allergic reactions or other health issues.

Paw Cleaner

Anyone who owns a dog knows the challenge of keeping their pet from tracking mud through the home. A paw cleaner is a great way to show you put thought into finding gifts for dog owners. The simple device is a round rubber piece that's hollow and lined with silicone bristles. Fill the bottom with water and dip each paw into the cleaner. When the paw comes back out, it will be clean.

Portable Water Dispenser

Every dog needs to hydrate on their walks, and that's why a plastic water dispenser makes one of the best gifts for dog lovers. It's just like any water bottle, but it includes a reservoir that will act as a water bowl. This makes it easier for pets to get a drink on the go.

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