How to Choose the Most Popular Pooch Dog Box for Your Pup

How to Choose the Most Popular Pooch Dog Box for Your Pup

Every dog loves getting new treats from time to time! When you have their treats shipped to you, they will anxiously await the delivery driver to see if new treats are coming for them. Themed dog boxes are perfect for gifts to dog parents and for your own pooch. The toys are pawsomely cute and vary from theme to them. Which theme will your pooch love best. Give it a try and you may want to subscribe to get a different themed box each month. Here are some themes they will surely enjoy.

Shark Week Theme

Your pup will enjoy the shark week theme for their pooch dog box, which includes two to three plush toys, two yummy treats, and a chew they will love.

European Vacation Theme

Every time you see your pup’s popular pooch dog box with the European vacation theme, you can’t help but smile. It has the same box contents as other boxes, but you will feel like you and your dog are on a European vacation!

Serengeti Theme

The Serengeti theme is one of the most popular options people choose for their pooch dog box. Your dog will enjoy the plush toys and the treats that come with it.

Other Pooch Dog Box Themes To Consider

Other theme options include a Miami Beach theme, a Beach Bonfire theme, and the current month theme. No matter which option you choose, you can feel confident knowing your furry friend will be excited to receive each one you order for them.

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