Pooch Playtime: How to Choose the Best and Safest Toys for Your Dog

After food, water and shelter, toys are one of your dog's most basic needs. Today's dogs might be pampered pets, but they still have instinctual needs to herd, chase and hunt, and toys help fill that role. From sizing up toys to joining a subscription dog toy box, here are three tips for finding the best and safest toys for your dog.

Size Matters

Large toys can injure small dogs, while small toys can pose choking hazards for large dogs. It's important to choose toys that are the right size and material for your dog's size and breed. Look for guidelines on the packages.

Try a Subscription Box

A subscription dog toy box is a great way to try out different toys without spending a lot of money. Every month, your dog will get a new box filled with toys to try out and other fun goodies for much less than you would pay at a pet store.

Choose Interactive Toys

Dogs enjoy playing with their owners as much as their toys, so look for toys that you can enjoy together. Frisbees, tug-of-war ropes and tennis balls are great choices.

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