Three Holiday Doggy Gift Ideas to Make Your Furry Friend's Tail Wag

Every pet parent knows that pups of all ages love to tear into presents under the tree, so don't forget your four-legged family members when you're making this year's holiday gift list and checking it twice. Whether your furry friend is easy to please or hard to shop for, consider these three gifts for dogs that are sure to make Fido's tail wag.

Treats and Chews

The way to a dog's heart is through his stomach, so pamper your pooch with gourmet treats and tasty chews. You can even assemble treats only a gift box with a variety of favorite pup treats.

New Toys

Your fur babies love new toys just as much as your kids do, and balls, stuffed animals and other favorites make great gifts for dogs. Wrap presents for your dog to tear into under the tree, or fill a cute stocking with smaller toys.

Comfy Bed

Is your dog getting a little too old to enjoy toys? As dogs age, their joints can become arthritic and painful, so a comfy orthopedic bed with a built-in heating pad is the perfect present for your senior pooch.

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