Silly Squeaker Large Black iBall Dog Squeaky Toy


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Product Description

VIP Products Silly Squeaker Large Black iBall Dog Squeaky Toy. Your pooch will absolutely LOVE his or her own set of furry SILLY SQUEAKER® iBalls. These fluffy balls come in three sizes to match a dog of any shape and size, and will set them rolling with their entertaining eyes, fluffy fur and squeaky toys that are sure to have everyone talking. We pushed the limits of our imagination to bring you this series if one-of-a-kind toys. They are to bring you and your dog tons of fun and laughter. Play a fun game of fetch and laugh as your dog happily brings back their iBall. Sure to please all dogs.


  • Unique one-of-a-kind toy.
  • The best gift for man's best friend.
  • Fun for dogs of all sizes.
  • Intended for interactive play and NOT for chewing.
  • Any manufacturer warranty or product guarantee will only be VALID if purchased from seller TUFFY®