Spunky Pup Green Hammer Dog Toy


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Product Description

Introducing The Tools by Spunky Pup: Unleash Fun and Flavor! Build a world of excitement with The Tools from Spunky Pup! Crafted in the USA from durable rubber, these chew toys are designed to engage and entertain. With multiple tool shapes to choose from, your dog will love exploring the dental design and textured surface. Plus, the textured design can hold peanut butter or your dog's favorite treat spread, adding an extra layer of flavor and fun to playtime. Let your furry friend indulge in a truly satisfying play experience with The Tools by Spunky Pup!


  • Durable Rubber Chew Toy
  • Made in the USA
  • Holds peanut butter or treat spread
  • Dental texture for healthy teeth and gums
  • Features dental texture