Items That You Might See Inside a Box That You Order for Your Dog

When you want to surprise your dog, you might get a toy or a favorite treat. Why not get those items and more in a box designed with dogs in mind? Here are a few items that you can usually get in subscription boxes and other packages just for dogs.


Depending on the size of the dog box that you get, you'll usually receive one or two toys for your dog to enjoy. Some toys that you get might have a seasonal theme, such as a reindeer for Christmas or a pumpkin for Halloween. Toys are usually an appropriate size for your dog as you'll likely need to enter information about your pet when ordering.


The treats that come in our dog box are easy for your pet to consume. They are usually chewy treats. Some treats are seasonal as well and are made of ingredients like pumpkin for the fall or fruits during the summer. Treats are often made of limited natural ingredients so that they are safe and healthy for your pet.

Accessory Items

These items are reserved for our Pampered Box. The accessory will be something your pooch can really use, from a bandana to a leash and microfiber towels. Keep in mind that you can usually customize the boxes that you order so that you get something that your pet will like.

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